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Tempers rise concerning high rise

An artist rendering of the proposed building. An artist rendering of the proposed building.
Residents at the meeting Thursday night. Residents at the meeting Thursday night.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A packed meeting Thursday night had dozens of neighbors sounding off about a proposed high rise in the Highlands.

"It is way to large of scale. It's a pretty building," said neighbor Mary Ann McDonald.

Neighbors overwhelmingly said they don't want it in their backyard.

"Influx of cars, and mess of construction, and the big thing is the change in zoning," McDonald said.

That's because those living in the area says it violates a 1989 resolution designed to stop high rises from popping up in the Highlands.

The proposed Willow Grande tower is large.

"We're looking at 24 units in a 17 unit high rise," said attorney Tim Martin, representing the Jefferson Development Group.

It would take the place of the Bordeuax complex.

"It's a mess over there. And I see drug deals going on over there," neighbor Rhonda Petr said.

She lives right across from it, and says it impacts her property value.

"We invested a lot in our home and it took us two years to renovate it," Petr said.

The Willow Grande is proposed by the Jefferson Development Group who experienced a major set setback with Indian Hills.

Neighbors of the proposed Willow Grande fear that'll happen here, so we took that question to the top.

"That has so many unique situations that do not even apply to this property," Martin said. "That contractor would no longer be part of the project team for the Jefferson Development Group."

The proposal would have to go to the planning commission for a vote to approve the zoning change before the tower could be built.

The commission would schedule a public meeting before they would vote.

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