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Black Friday frenzy fading

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thanksgiving is just four weeks away, add a day and you've got Black Friday when die-hard shoppers get the day of their dreams. Shoppers are expected to spend at least $250 more than they did last year. But believe it or not, the official beginning to the holiday shopping season is fading.

"I think a lot of consumers have realized that you don't necessarily get the best deal on Black Friday," says "today" Consumer Finance Writer Allison Linn.

A new poll, conducted by Ipsos, found that 40% of shoppers started their holiday shopping weeks ago, while only 12% will wait until Black Friday to begin.

"We've talked about Christmas creep in years prior but it's really getting longer and longer," says Trae Bodge of

"I think it's one day that people go shopping but people are much more savvy about getting deals other times of the year and they're much more cautious with their money than they were 4 or 5 years ago," adds Linn.

But the drop in interest may pay off for those who venture out.

"Retailers are going to be clamoring to get a piece of that pie," says Bodge. "And therefore are offering great deals to consumers much earlier than they usually do"

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