Fast Bright brightens headlamps with elbow grease

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A year or so ago, I tested out one of those products that promises to bring your headlight covers on your car back to showroom new. Well, it didn't exactly live up to expectations! Since that story ran, I've received at least a dozen emails asking me to check out other similar products on the market, so this week I'm trying the 'Fast Brite' lens restorer kit 'before you buy it!'

The 'Fast Brite' kit promises to bring your headlights back to their original condition. No matter how old they are or how dull they may now be. The kit comes with two solutions, part one is a polish that wipes the dullness away and the second solution is a protectant to keep that shine going for a long time. Along with the two solutions comes a sponge pad to use when applying both solutions.

I thought this product might be easier than the one I tested last year that required an electric or battery operated drill to use with the buffing pads and compound. I was wrong.

'Fast Brite' relies on good ole elbow grease to get the job done. Once you wipe the headlights clean of any surface dirt and bugs, you first apply the polish solution and rub it in via a circular motion with the included sponge. After you complete that first step, you are then to apply the protectant solution to the other side of the sponge and again, rub in using a circular motion. Once the headlights are fully covered and dried, you then wipe away any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

I recently drove over 1,200 miles driving back and forth from Florida but my headlights are still in pretty good shape. Instead, I found another employee willing to let me use the dingy headlights on his truck to test the 'Fast Brite.' After applying the solutions according to directions, and rubbing like mad to buff as much of the old grime away, it seemed to have actually done a pretty decent job in restoring 'some' luster to the headlight covers. But, I wanted to hear from the owner of the vehicle before making my final judgement.

"Yea, it's better," said Al, the owner of the truck. "It's not like brand new but it's better!"

Well, there you go. The 'Fast Brite' indeed does do some good if you're in the need of restoring the brightness from your headlights. However, you need to keep in mind that the more you use the product and the harder you buff out the solutions, the better the effect will be.

We found 'Fast Brite' lens restorer at Walgreens for $9.99. In my opinion, for that price, it's not a bad product to try.

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