Hurricane Sandy; KSP trooper shoots burglary suspect in Radcliff; Man covered in mud in mug shot


All eyes are on Hurricane Sandy. The storm is threatening 60 million Americans in the eastern third of the nation. We're watching Hurricane Sandy closely as it continues to move Northward. It's expected to make landfall sometime Monday evening. Meteorologist Lauren Jones's forecast includes a few snowflakes and the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy on the Louisville area.

WAVE 3's David Williams is following a story out of Vine Grove, KY. He talked to police and store manager about an attempted robbery that left one person shot.  Police need your help finding a suspect tonight.

We're also following another story out of Hardin County. Kentucky State Police are investigating a case involving two burglary suspects, one was shot in the neck by a KSP trooper in Radcliff early this morning. That suspect is at University of Louisville Hospital tonight, the other suspect is in police custody.

A man is behind bars and his mug shot looks like he is wearing a Halloween mask. We'll explain why he was covered in mud and got charged with neglect of his two-year-old son who was in the truck with him.

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