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Romney-Ryan held huge rally in West Chester Friday

Crowd at the Romney-Ryan Rally Crowd at the Romney-Ryan Rally

Mitt and Ann Romney, along with Vice-Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna, held a huge rally in West Chester on Friday.

The GOP candidates held a Victory Rally Friday evening at the Square at Union Centre in West Chester. The event began at 7:30 p.m. and doors opened at 4:30. John Kasich, Rob Portman and John Boehner also attended the rally, and there was a musical performance by Kid Rock.

The event kicked off the Romney-Ryan Real Recovery Road Rally, a four-day tour across 11 states. Thousands of supporters showed up to the event.

Attendees said they want a change and don't want another four years like the last four years. Republican candidates addressed the issues citizens are facing and promised to bring change for the country.

Republicans are urging supporters who were at the event to use this weekend to vote early.

Heavy traffic and potentially long delays were expected near the I-75 Interchange at Union Centre Boulevard and the Square @ Union Centre. Some supporters and event ticket holders say they were stuck in traffic and never made it to the rally.

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