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Hollywood actress visits Queen City to support Obama


Hollywood actress Lynn Whitfield showed up at an Obama campaign field office Sunday to show her support for efforts to get the message out about early voting. "(Ohio has) stood in the gap for the entire country and the entire country is so grateful to you," said Whitfield. "Ohio has been an inspiration. To see how the citizens of Ohio have come together to stand for what they believe in; to not disenfranchise the vote here, to see how people are camping out for early voting (has been) amazing."

One Obama supporter explained why she votes early "There's no pressure," said Vionette Jones. "If I'm at home I can take my time. I'm relaxed. I don't have to worry about who's behind me waiting for a booth. That's why I vote early."

Getting registered is only half the battle. Following through and casting a ballot for a candidate to lead the country is just as important. And, for the voters at the Obama campaign office on Kemper Road, the choice is clear. "I want a president who will stand up for women, for women's rights and the fairness of women, said Whitfield. " And this president has shown it all the way down the line."

President Obama will visit Cincinnati on October 31 and deliver his remarks at Duke Energy Convention Center at 525 Elm Street. Tickets are available until 10 AM Monday at the Convention Center, OFA-Ohio Forest Park Field Office at 1240 Kemper Road, or online at https://my.barackobama.com/page/s/obama-cincinnati-oct-31.

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