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'The Cost of the Kingdom' - Tonight at 11

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 News found the lights on at Kentucky Kingdom and nobody was home. The power and utilities at the closed park are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Your tax dollars hard at work at a park you can't go to. Troubleshooter Eric Flack uncovered what could be considered a waste of your money. Watch the video as we approached the park last week and discovered just one of the many lights that are left on day and night. The bills have been adding up and Eric Flack found out just how much the state has been paying.

Do you want to know why? So did we, and tonight at 11 after The Voice and Revolution, watch as we confront the people in charge. The answers are interesting and surprising. This WAVE 3 News story is sure to create some tough conversations among local officials and our viewers.

Watch tonight on WAVE 3 News at 11pm and follow the conversation on the WAVE 3 Facebook page and our Twitter page @wave3news under the hash tag #wave3news.

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