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Teen sent to hospital after heroin scare, boyfriend charged

Kenneth Lindsey Kenneth Lindsey
Hillview Police Major Ken Straughn Hillview Police Major Ken Straughn

HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) - An 18-year-old Hillview man is charged with wanton endangerment after allegedly giving his 16-year-old girlfriend heroin. Police were called Monday when the girl stopped breathing.

Hillview investigators said the recent crackdown on pills is making heroin use a big problem in their small city. "We've had three overdoses since October 19," said Hillview Police Major Ken Straughn.

That's three heroin overdoses-that police know about-in the last 11 days in Hillview, Kentucky, which has a population 8,258. That number doesn't include cases like a recent robbery at a Hillview convenient store on Preston Highway, police say it happened to support a heroin habit.

Police said, many users started with pot changed to pills and then, the crack down that made drugs like oxycontin, percocet and opana harder to get started making heroin look much more attractive.

"It's a lot cheaper and it's pretty much on the street wherever you go," Straughn said.

Their latest case involving the deadly drug happened Monday.

Hillview Police charged Kenneth Lindsey with wanton endangerment and unlawful transaction with a minor after officers were called to a house on Jenny Mac Drive.

Straughn said Lindsey's 16-year-old girlfriend overdosed on heroin and they found her in the bedroom. "We had a faint pulse " Straughn said, "But she was not responsive at all." The teen was rushed to Kosair Children's Hospital.

Police said Lindsey told them the two snorted the heroin she overdosed on. They said Lindsey claims the girl is actually the person who bought the heroin with no problem and then gave it to him.

Straughn said, "Drug dealers will sell it to anyone who has money because they really don't care how old the person is that's buying it." He said even if Lindsey is telling the truth, he's charged because he's the adult and he allowed the girl to use with him.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's office also said they're seeing more and more heroin on the street.

In the Hillview case, the teen girl is recovering. Lindsey will be back in court November 13.

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