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WAVE 3 Editorial - October 30: Feedback

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By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Several of you responded to our editorial on Medicaid Funding. Michael Graham Sr. emailed: "Medical costs are out of control, but it seems to me we are going about fixing the problem backwards. Instead of pumping more money into the system or cutting benefits, why not control the ridiculous prices most of the medical suppliers and providers charge insurance companies and Medicare."

Scott Muncy emailed: "We should model our healthcare system after Canada and put everyone on the same playing field."    

Our editorials on Candidate Visits prompted an email from Emily Emery: "We all are America – 50 states. Candidates only visit a few states and they make it seem like only a few states are important."

And our Voting editorial prompted many facebook posts. Adam Wright pointed out that the House of Representatives, who vote for the President in case of an electoral college tie, did pick Thomas Jefferson as President over Aaron Burr and John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson when those races ended tied in the electoral college.

Thank you Adam and thanks to all for offering your thoughts and comments. We appreciate all of them and encourage more! 

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