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Steven Pettway, DeJuan Hammond given evidentiary hearing

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE ) - A hearing for DeJuan Hammond and Steven Pettway quickly became a crossfire between the Commonwealth and the defense.

The defense claimed, not only could the Commonwealth have more evidence than the defense, but they also wonder why their client has been charged when a list of other suspects have been given.

Pete Schuler, Pettway's defense attorney, said, "Dantes Hurt is the person that was closest to the shooter, she identified the shooter as having braids. Steven has never had braids."

Hammond's attorney said, "On October 5 the prosecution filed a motion to prevent us from filing any other perpetrator in this crime when they had in their possession on October 5 evidence implicating at least three other potential people involved in this killing."

Hammond is accused of paying Steven Pettway to kill Troya Sheckles who was a witness in his brother, Lloyd Hammond's murder trial. Both defenses argued they want an evidentiary hearing because they think the Commonwealth is withholding information, but Tom Van de Rostyne was quick to fire back.

"Exactly what are they implying? They're going to get the materials, we're copying them, but again they want a timeline, we haven't gone to trial so I don't really understand what the issue would be between a hearing about that."

Judge Geoff Morris met with lawyers Wednesday to discuss the next step for Pettway after a mistrial in the murder case. The Judge granted the defense an evidentiary hearing which is scheduled for Friday November 9 at 1:30 p.m..

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