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Red Cross shelter houses more than 60 train derailment evacuees

People eating in the shelter. People eating in the shelter.
Cots setup for people in need. Cots setup for people in need.

MULDRAUGH, KY (WAVE) – The Red Cross Shelter at Muldraugh Elementary is currently housing more than 60 people from West Point.

Ask any adult or child inside the shelter Wednesday night and they will tell you this is not how they expected to spend their Halloween.

"It's kind of cool, but scary at the same time because the train derailed about a half mile from our house," said Mikey Baker, West Point evacuee.

After Monday's train derailment, most people thought at the end of the day, there was nothing to worry about, but that all changed by Wednesday afternoon.

"You think you'll all clear, you think you're going to be fine and then you have fireman and police knocking on your door, telling you that have to leave your home, give you five minutes to get your stuff together," said Wendi Baker, West Point evacuee.

Around 4:00 p.m. hundreds of homes were evacuated in the West Point area, they are all a little more than a mile or less from the crash.

Red Cross was ready to help those in need, providing meals and shelter.

"We will have them a place to sleep and a place to stay warm and hopefully out of the way of the fumes from the box car," said Bobby Thompson, Red Cross volunteer.

Even though, they have been kicked out of their home for an undetermined amount of time, people like Stephen Wyatt can't help but think of others.

"The people on the East Coast are dealing with a lot worse things than we are here and I feel sorry for the people actually hurt in the explosion, those are the families we need to be concerned about and praying for," said Wyatt.

They are making the best of situation, one could never plan for. "Why bad things happen to good people, we don't know, but this is a really good group out of West Point," said Thompson.

Muldraugh Elementary is no longer a working school, so Red Cross officials said they are prepared to keep evacuees as long as necessary until the all clear is given.

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