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Political ads seem nonstop in battleground Ohio

With less than a week until the election, few states are more hotly contested than Ohio.

Both parties are barnstorming the state and its airwaves. 

About $164 million have been spent on ads in Ohio. Conservatives are outspending Liberals in the Buckeye State by nearly $8 million. New ad buys are forced deep into the cable channels or late at night. So many, that almost no message cuts through the clutter.

State Representative Denise Driehaus is up for re-election. She's not campaigning at all on the air.

"I knock on doors all over the district and introduce myself to people," she said.

The focus groups the research has shown, shine light on your own candidate and it doesn't keep. Throw mud on the opponent and it sticks.

"Especially going up toward election day, they just re-framed the same message with some other kind of window dressing, grainy image or whatever. I mean even for me, I'm in the business, it's distasteful," said Gene Beaupre at Xavier University.

But through all the badgering by politicians, parties and PACs, Ohio voters know they are special.

Acutely aware, Ohioans are voting early in record numbers. Even though that takes the individual out of play, the ads keep coming. No one benefits more than the TV stations.


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