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Schools become places of shelter for evacuees

Bonita England Bonita England
Terry Price Terry Price

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Schools near the evacuation area are becoming safe havens for those needing places to stay. The American Red Cross has set up two shelters at Muldraugh Elementary and Stuart Middle School. Colvin Community Center is another option if there's a need for additional space.

Nichols Elementary was closed Thursday because it is within the shelter-in-place zone. Parents whose children go to Nichols could instead drop them off at Bullitt Lick Elementary where teachers and staff were on hand to provide a make-shift daycare for the children.

"You know it's an option," Bonita England said.

England dropped off her twin girls, Hannah and Sarah, before heading into work and appreciates the help. "For people who work and they expect kids to be in school and then all the sudden they're out for this, it's a really nice option."

Terry Price, director of Elementary Education for Bullitt County, said it's part of the system wide emergency management plan. 

"In those plans, dictate where we have to go if we have to do entire school evacuations" Price said, "we put those plans into effect immediately."

Price said the school system will do whatever necessary to help the parents through this difficult time.

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