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Documents reveal Carroll Co bus driver with school for nearly two decades

CARROLLTON, KY (WAVE) – There will be no school on Friday in Carroll County as a community mourns the loss of two pre-school students killed in a bus crash.

Through an open records request WAVE 3 has learned 59-year-old Laura Reed was driving bus 140 on Monday afternoon taking three and four-year-olds home from their head start program.

Kentucky State Police continue to investigate this crash and there is still no clear answer why this happened.

On a quiet road in Carroll County a witness drove up to a horrific scene.

CALLER: There's been a school bus wreck on Boone Road. You know where 3258 is?

DISPATCH: OK. I'm sure we can find it.

CALLER: OK, you come on and you better send some ambulances because it is crashed against a tree.

DISPATCH: Alrighty.

It sounds like not even the Carroll County dispatcher understood the magnitude of this crash. Moments later bus driver Laura Reed called 911.

DISPATCH: Carroll County 911.

BUS DRIVER: Yes, this is bus 140. I've been involved in an accident. Please send somebody here. I don't know if I need an ambulance. I can't get out of my seat belt.

DISPATCH: How many is hurt on the bus?

Nine children were on the bus in seat belts.

WAVE 3 obtained hundreds of documents detailing Reed's time with Carroll County. She has been with the school district since 1994 and she has always driven buses, taking kids to and from the Carroll County Child Development Center.

According to the paperwork she has always had good reviews and no prior accidents. She also worked as a school cook.

As investigators still try to piece together what happened, parents like, Ron and Kelly Deitz are preparing for their son Ryder's funeral.

"He was so outgoing and so sweet," said Kelly Deitz.

Caroline Tuttle, 3, also died in the crash. Two children remain at Kosair Children's Hospital.

On Sunday the tight knit community of Carrollton is planning a candlelight vigil for all those involved in this terrible accident. It is at 6:00 p.m. at Point Park.

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