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Hazmat update: Butadiene car still burning, scene stabilized as crane moves in

The derailed train cars as seen from Air 3 on the afternoon of Nov. 1. The derailed train cars as seen from Air 3 on the afternoon of Nov. 1.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Firefighters are no longer dousing a burning car with water at the site of a train derailment. Kentucky Emergency Management personnel said crews ceased using water because the controlled burn is stable and eventually specialists will be near the footprint of the wreckage.

Specialized cranes will be brought in Friday to remove non-hazardous cars, some full of plastic pellets. Crews emptied a car full of styrene, another flammable and hazardous chemical, which was near the burning butadiene car. 

Cars containing hydrogen fluoride are the most dangerous, but the units are not leaking. The two cars containing that chemical are at the bottom of the heap and will likely be the last to be emptied.

While the shelter-in-place was lifted for residents within a five mile radius, those within a 1.2 mile radius are still under an evacuation order. EMA Regional Response Manager Steve Oglesby said the evacuation will continue "indefinitely."

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