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Michelle Obama rocks the campus at Miami University


"Three more days for four more years!"

That was the rallying cry of First Lady Michelle Obama as she spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at Miami University in Oxford Saturday.

It was Mrs. Obama's second campaign trip to southwest Ohio.

She spoke at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati on October 2, the same day early voting began in Ohio.

With the clock ticking down to election day, the Obamas are on a withering campaign schedule especially here in battleground Ohio, but the first lady has lost none of her firepower.  

It was clear from the First Lady's appearance at Miami University that she considers getting out the vote remains a priority. "Look at all of us here, all of us here today can swing an entire precinct for Barack Obama and when we win enough precincts, we will win this state and when we win this state we'll be well on our way to putting Barack in the white house for four more years."

The Obama campaign is getting a little from celebrities Vivica Fox and Will I Am who made an appearance at the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Will I Am doesn't have any family in Cincinnati, but he says "Right now we are all family...fighting for a better America for an equal opportunity in education and jobs."

There was little evidence of campaign fatigue among the crowd of 2600 at Miami University as Michelle Obama went through a laundry list of her husband's accomplishments, but she says the list is not yet complete. "Barack of all people in this country knows that there are still too many people hurting, but as President Clinton said it's going to take a lot longer than four years to finish rebuilding an economy from the brink of collapse."

It was a message college students, like Carolyn Turner, says she wanted to hear. "These are issues that will determine our future and the future America we live in so I think its important that everyone on campus came out and is paying attention." 

Miami Senior Cortney Carter says she could hardly believe the First Lady was on campus. "When she walked out on stage, just like the energy and the excitement and the chants, clapping. It was just so exciting."

Freshman Bekah Harper says Mrs. Obama spoke to the issues that concern her. "I think its super important that she talked a lot about school debt and school loans and how much she and Barack value that and understand where we're coming from."

Its where we're headed that concerns Michelle Obama and she says there's an important choice to make, a matter of beliefs. "We believe that the truth matters, that you don't take shortcuts or game the system and finally we believe in keeping our priorities straight because everyone here knows good and well that cutting Sesame Street is no way to  balance our budget."

The Romney campaign, meanwhile, was working Republican crowds in Ohio Saturday with running mate Paul Ryan in Marietta. Sunday Ryan has an appearance in Mansfield while Mitt Romney will be in Cleveland.

Not to be outdone, Team Obama will also be in Ohio Sunday with the President at the University of Cincinnati and Vice President Joe Biden in Lakewood, Freemont and Lancaster.

During the past few rallies both the Obama and Romney campaigns asked their supporters to keep the victims of hurricane Sandy in their prayers.

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