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Louisville group sends truckload of necessities to New Jersey

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Support continues to pour in by the truckload, including food, water, and warm clothes, to devastated communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to a group from Louisville, a town in New Jersey now has some much needed necessities.

When Hurricane Sandy pounded the east coast on Monday, Ward Kerr, a local CMO for an insurance investment firm, immediately thought of his friend and business acquaintance Marc Feaster in Island Heights, New Jersey.

"First thing I asked him was his family ok, and of course they were," said Kerr. "He said, 'Ward, we're fine. It's everybody else.'"

Feaster told Kerr the surrounding areas where he lived needed help, and they needed it bad. "I asked him if there was a way he could locate some generators, blankets, water and some food," said Feaster.

Knowing he had to act fast, Kerr called his friend Dan Lockard, founder of Louisville-based Pegasus Transportation. With help from Bargain Supply, they were quickly able to get more than 50 generators, 500 blankets, water and food.

The truck was loaded and en route to New Jersey. "It's devastating up here," said Feaster. "Words can not explain how bad it is."

Feaster directed the truck to one of the hardest hit areas, a blue collar town called Highlands. As of Saturday night, it had yet to receive any help.

"75 percent of this town, the homes have four to five feet of water," said Feaster.

"The community spent all night to clear one road to get that truck in because they knew it was coming," said Ward.

Around 7:00 Saturday morning, the Pegasus truck rolled in. "People lined the streets and just cheered as they drove into town," said Feaster.

They cheered for signs of hope, not sure where it came from, just glad it was there.

"Where did it come from? Well, it came from Louisville, Kentucky, and people were just, their eyes were filled with tears and they were just so grateful," said Feaster.

"I wish I could have been there," said Kerr. "I'm sure it was amazing."

Kerr said they are now in the progress of planning another trip to take more food, water, and clothes to the hurricane zone.

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