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Voter turnout around Kentuckiana

Ballots being handed out at a polling location. Ballots being handed out at a polling location.
A sign showing voters where to go. A sign showing voters where to go.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Voter turnout was high around Kentuckiana. Voters were up bright and early ready to vote. Many piling locations had lines of people. By the afternoon, the crowd settled.

There are 571 precincts in Jefferson County and there were some minor bumps in the road early election morning but, not anything that would turn voters away.

"Defiantly a great turnout," said Jefferson County voter Terrance Jarrett.

"I made a mistake four years ago," said Clark County Voter Bill Stamper.

"As an American it is your duty to vote," said Jefferson County Voter April Zik.

"I'd like to see a change," said Stamper.

Some minor hiccups in Jefferson County. The County Clerks office said there was a problem with getting doors open on time at Westport Baptist Church.

"I actually came out earlier this morning and my husband came out earlier with my daughter the line was out of the building," said Zik. "So, I went to work and came out thinking this would be an ideal time no line it was great."

"Five minutes come in vote and you are out," said Jarrett.

At the Temple off Brownsboro Road in Louisville, a morning delay there as well. In the afternoon, the crowd was moving through smoothly.

Across the river in Indiana at the Clark County REMC.

"If you don't vote you have to deal with whatever they decide to do," said Clark County Voter Jeffrey Warren.

Voting officials at Clark County REMC told us that they were pleased to see the morning rush. By the afternoon, they already had 800 voters, brought in additional polling stations and were planning on getting extra ballots.

"I think that's good says a lot about what the people think of our government right now," said Stamper.

For voters, they'll be glued to their tv's to see how their vote panned out.

"I'll leave that up to the polls and see what people say," said Zik.

WAVE 3 received several emails and Facebook messages from Jefferson County voters, wondering why they didn't get those "I voted stickers." According to the Clerks office it's been almost a decade since they've given the stickers out and they stopped because voters were defacing polling property with the stickers.

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