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Ballot shortage at every Clark County, IN precinct

Rock Creek Academy Voting Lines during Clark County Ballot Shortage Rock Creek Academy Voting Lines during Clark County Ballot Shortage

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – Voters were left waiting at polling places across Clark County, IN on Tuesday.

All 75 precincts in Clark County ran out of ballots, leaving hundreds of voters to wait for the County Clerk's Office to deliver more.

A spokesperson for the County Clerk's office said everyone was allowed to vote as soon as the additional ballots arrived.

"I asked why there were not enough ballots for us and they said that more people had showed up than were expected and to that I said is there not a ballot for every person registered and they said no they didn't get enough for all of those," said Clark County voter Lynn Mitchell.

Mitchell spoke about her experience at a polling place off of Otisco Road.

However, a photo sent in to WAVE 3 showed long lines inside a polling place at the Rock Creek Academy.

An election official says that a Republican-Democrat team that went to deliver to that precinct went to the wrong one.

"One team inadvertently took ballots to the wrong precincts. Therefore Rock Creek was waiting for some ballots and there was a delay because someone had to go over here and get them and bring them over here. That's what you get when you're short staffed. You work with whatever old equipment you have and that's where we are in Clark County," Clark County Election Official Barbara Haas said.

She estimates she's down about four to six positions compared to the 2008 Presidential Election and says there was a higher turnout for this election.

Haas said, however, there wasn't a ballot shortage since she ordered enough ballots for a 90% voter turnout. Clark County sees about 40-45% for a Presidential election, Haas said.

Haas said, however, there may have been a delay in getting replinishment ballots to some stations.

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