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Several leadership changes coming to Owensboro


Owensboro residents will be seeing some new faces in big offices in the near future.

Owensboro now has two new commissioners and a new mayor pro tem.

Debbie Nunley was the top vote getter in last night's city commissioner race with just under 12,700 votes. 

She takes the title of Mayor Pro Tem from Pam Smith-Wright, who was elected to another term as city commissioner with a little under 11,000 votes.

New to the commissioner crew is Bob Glenn, who came in third.

Current Commissioner Jeff Sanford rounds out the group.

Roger Stacy, who was running for re-election, was not chosen for another term.

14 News spoke with Pam Smith-Wright Tuesday night just as the results came in, and she says her focus is on the future.

"Well, what you do is is you just pick up and you work with the people that you're working with and try to make the city a better place to live," said Smith-Wright.

14 News also has an update on the Beaver Dam Commissioner race in Ohio County.

The four current commissioners...Keith Dale, Charles Patton, Kevin Davis, and Sandy Robinson...were all re-elected.

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