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Family hopeful for fresh leads in cold case murder

Photos of Jim Duckett Photos of Jim Duckett
Duckett's niece and sister. Duckett's niece and sister.
The enhanced surveillance photo. The enhanced surveillance photo.

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Gulf War vet was tied up and stabbed to death inside his Shelby County home.  Now, four years after his death, his family is hopeful to finally get some answers.

The family of Jim Duckett, 43, said two new Kentucky State Police detectives have been assigned to the case and some new technology may also be key in their investigation.

"It's a big giant blob," said Duckett's niece Brittney Claycomb, "The only thing you can tell in the picture is that they are wearing flannel."  Claycomb is describing the ATM surveillance video of a possible killer.  The person driving the Dodge truck that belonged to Duckett.

Four years ago, the video was too grainy to be a clue in the bizarre case.

The day of the murder, Katherine Nichols found her brother, "I walked in and there's Jim, tied to a chair with his throat is slit and there's blood everywhere," she recalled.

Police said Duckett was tortured before being stabbed to death.

The family said they didn't have much luck enhancing the Fifth Third Bank video of the person who took and later dumped his truck, but now "There's a couple new computer programs that are out that might be able to enhance those pixels and at least get a little bit more facial characteristics or body characteristics," Claycomb explained, "And there's also a new program that can tell body size."

Claycomb is also thankful to have new eyes on the case, hoping two new detectives will bring urgency and energy to the murder investigation.

"If I read a book," she said, "You're going to read it differently and that's what we're looking for because there's just one or two small pieces in between there and maybe they'll catch what somebody else didn't before."

One other new piece of evidence: "The murderers that killed Jim took a trophy from him and that's never been released," Nichols said.

Nichols won't say if that trophy was taken from her brother's body or if it was one of his possessions, because investigators don't want to release that information yet.

Duckett's sister also has a new role in helping other families. Six months ago, she became the new president of the Kentuckians Voice for Crime Victims.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Kentucky State Police. The family set up a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction still stands.

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