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Spencer County Clerk divided by 3 votes

People recounting votes. People recounting votes.

SPENCER COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A tight race for Spencer County Clerk led Abbigail Nation to ask for a recanvas just two days after the election to double check the numbers because she only lost by three votes.

Nation said, "The recanvas is the first step if you want to go back and check an election. It doesn't cost anything. You just submit what you want."

In the recanvas, the board of elections goes over the numbers that came in from all the polling locations to make sure something wasn't missed.

Nation said she may take the next step, which involves more time, effort and resources.

"They have to go through and count every single ballot and I think they also check the eligibility of voters so it's pretty intensive. I worked in the clerk's office for almost 13 years prior to running and the whole time I worked there, I've never seen a race this close."

After the totals were recounted for the absentee ballots and all 16 precincts, Lynn Hesselbrock was still the winner of county clerk for Spencer County. She said she was pleased with the result, but if it had been her who was just three votes away from the winner, she would have done the same thing as Nation.

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