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Neighborhood's fight over proposed apartment complex grows

Proposed apartment complex plans (Source: J&S Builders, INC) Proposed apartment complex plans (Source: J&S Builders, INC)
Louanda Kynhoff Louanda Kynhoff
The undeveloped land. The undeveloped land.

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - It is an issue being fought for months. A proposed apartment complex in Clark County. Some say they don't mind it while others say not so fast! Now, the developer is getting the law involved.

There are quiet subdivisions tucked away in Clark County on Hunter Station Road. They are Plum Creek, Plum Lake and Plum Run. Louanda Kynhoff has called this area home for about 2 years.

But for some living in the neighborhood, there is, "Frustration and disappointment," said homeowner, Louanda Kynhoff. "All of us were told when we bought houses in here, by our real estate agents, that was committed for condos. There would never be rentals."

A developer, J and S Builders, is proposing building a 2-story 120 unit complex in the large open field next to the subdivisions. Two possible entrances would be along Hunter Station Road. Many residents are fighting the proposal. Now, the town of Clarksville's Planning and Zoning director, Sharon Wilson, said the developer is suing Clarksville.

Kynhoff said she believes it is, "Because they do not feel they can get a fair hearing," said Kynhoff. "There's too much emotion by the public."

The city said the land is zoned to permit attached single family units. The developer wants that changed.

"Having now thrown it into the courts, it means that the public can not participate in that decision," Kynhoff said. "It becomes the judges decision."

It is not sitting well with Kynhoff.

"I am willing to continue to pursue it," she said. "If we need to take up a collection for an attorney, we need to get in that legal venue now that that's where they've taken it."

Kynhoff said now comes the hard part. She and a handful of others will talk and see how much an attorney will cost. Then they will canvas the neighborhood and try to drum up support.

A spokesperson for Clarksville said they can not comment on pending litigation. WAVE 3 left a message with the developer. They have not returned our call or message.

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