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Viral video allegedly shows Kentucky Walmart workers tossing iPads

A picture from the video. (Source: WLEX) A picture from the video. (Source: WLEX)

PIKE COUNTY, KY (WLEX) - A controversial video that has gone viral on YouTube since being posted Thursday claims to show employees at a Walmart in Pike County, intentionally tossing around and trying to damage what they identify as iPads.

The 45-second clip begins with a man saying, "This is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart." As of Friday evening, the video already has more than 150,000 hits on YouTube.

"That's iPad number three we're throwing. I think the next one will hit the ground," says the man in the video, as a box is eventually slammed to the floor of an apparent stockroom. "Oh, whoops, sorry about that iPad. Hope nobody buys that."

"Makes me not want to shop there," said Angie Carroll, a Pike County resident and Walmart shopper. "I've seen the stockroom. I've been back there, you know. I used to pull stock from there. That's exactly what it looks like back there."

"I watched it over and over and it looked real," Sunshine Mullins told LEX 18, admitting she had seen the video several times.

"It's probably fake. I mean, why would you throw iPads and take a chance of getting fired from your job?" wondered yet another shopper, Lucas Fields.

So are there really iPads in the boxes or was this just a joke? Do these guys even work at the Pikeville Walmart? And if they do, have they been punished or even fired? LEX 18 reached out to the Pikeville Walmart Friday morning for answers to those questions. Store managers told us they had been made aware of the situation, but only Walmart Corporate could comment.

Friday evening, a Walmart spokesperson released a statement to LEX 18 via e-mail: "We've seen the video of several nightshift associates destroying merchandise in the back of our stores in August and, as anyone can imagine, it made us wince. We are also embarrassed."

The statement went on to say "the associates involved no longer work for Walmart. Since this unfortunate incident, we haven't received any returns of this merchandise. We stand behind our merchandise and our associates work very hard to take proper care and handling of the products we put on our shelves."

Pikeville Police told LEX 18 that, as of Friday night, they are not involved in an investigation into the apparent incident.

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