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Police: Neighbors help nab burglar

Damian Mosley Damian Mosley

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's something we all hope for, neighbors who watch out for us. One savvy group of neighbors in Camp Taylor went above and beyond their call of duty to try and catch a burglar hitting their homes.

Damian Mosley, 33, also known as Damian King, has had his troubles with the law.

Since 1999, Mosley has been in and out of jail. He's been charged with multiple burglaries, making meth, escape, fleeing and evading police, assault, wanton endangerment and criminal abuse of a child under 12, that charge came in 2003, when police say Mosley poured scalding water on his 1-year-old son.

Now, police say Mosley is back in the burglary business, hitting homes in Camp Taylor, but this time, teacher Chris Wedding out smarted him.

"I just noticed there was a vehicle backed into the parking spot which I thought was a little bit odd," Wedding said.

Wedding made a mental note of a black and gray SUV parked across the street at his neighbors house. Police say Mosley was in it.

Wedding also noticed a girl coming out of the home who wasn't his new neighbor's wife.

"Basically it was broken out and there was glass all inside the house," said Wedding's neighbor Jake McClain of his front window. Police say McClain and his girlfriend boldly broke out the front window taking prized possessions from McClain and his wife.

"My wife's heirloom jewelry was passed down from her mother and grandmother, both of which passed away," McClain said he lost some keepsakes too, "Some items from my dad like dog tags, rings and things like that."

The burglary victim, who's since installed a security system, is thankful his dog Henry who was in his kennel at the time of the crime wasn't hurt.

Wedding wanted to help police and his neighbor so, he went to a nearby Walgreens.

"I just happened to ask the clerk working there, if he had seen anybody in the store that matched these descriptions (of the burglars) and he said yes," Wedding continued, "That's when I asked them if they had video surveillance and he said yes."

Police say that surveillance video and eyewitnesses helped put Mosley behind bars.

Camp Taylor Neighborhood Association President Phillip Kavanaugh Senior said, "I'm tickled to death they got this one and I just wish more neighbors would be like Chris Wedding and pick up the phone and call and give police the information."

In the most recent case, Mosley is charged with four counts of burglary. Police are still looking for his girlfriend.

Mosley is scheduled to be back in court November 19.

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