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Inmate tells all after escaping from a KY prison for months

Jerry Nation Jerry Nation

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) – He was on the run for five months after walking out of a Kentucky prison.

Investigators say Jerry Nation was spotted in Spencer and Shelby counties and he was eventually captured in Texas.

Just this week he was extradited back to Kentucky.

Back behind bars the 31-year-old has had a lot of time to think. "I knew in my mind that you could never run forever, but I still tried," said Nation. "I don't know why, but I did."

Last October, Nation and Anthony Kendrick decided to test their luck. "I keep looking at the open field and thinking about freedom," said Nation.

He says around that time he was having a lot of raging thoughts while in Blackburn, a minimum security prison.

"I just couldn't take it anymore and got on some bad drugs and decided to take off," said Nation.

Nation said he was able to get a hold of bath salts in prison and it clouded his judgement for days.

Not long after the two men took off, their escape almost came to when they led deputies on a chase in Spencer County in a stolen car. They came to Taylorsville, investigators say to hide out with family, and Nation admits he did go see his mother.

"I should have just turned myself in then," said Nation. "I regret it everyday. I really do."

A few days later, the two were spotted again in Shelby County, where police say they broke into a home.

After that Nation says they were able to make it to Corpus Christi, Texas. He started going by name of "Jessie Jewel" and found work as a tree trimmer.

Investigators never gave up and back in March their time on the run came to an end.

"I know I did wrong and I'm here to accept that and I'm here to take whatever they give me and go on with it and try to change my life," said Nation.

Nation was originally serving a 10 year sentence for burglary and theft.

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