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Police: woman shot to death in Walmart parking lot; suspect found dead at park

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two people are dead in Hillview in what police believe may have been a domestic incident.

LMPD was called to the Walmart in Hillview at 11901 Standiford Plaza near Preston Highway about 12:17 p.m. Mike Parks said he was inside the store shopping at the time.

"It's senseless," Parks said. "A customer came up to me and said that there had been a shooting in the parking lot. A lady had been shot."

Officer Cary Klain said it appears that a 44-year old man shot a 46-year-old woman in the parking lot as she was putting some belongings inside her car.

He left the scene and went to the riding stables at McNeely Lake, 6711 Mt. Washington Road. Shelley Antle was at the park getting ready to ride horses with her husband when she saw

"A police car, a marked police car, came whizzing through the parking lot at high speed with their lights on," she said.

Police said it appears the man shot himself inside a car. That car was in an area of the park used for flying model airplanes, horseback riding and where people were in the vicinity.

"It's fairly unnerving," Antle said. "Especially I would think, up in the area where they're flying the airplanes because it's not just adults, it's children up there, too."

"To take somebody else's life and to go out and end yours? Life is more than that. Life is a gift, actually," Parks said.

No names have been released and police cannot confirm that the couple was married.

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