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Toddlers photographed with pot

Beth Hensley Beth Hensley
Tracey Hensley (Source: WLEX) Tracey Hensley (Source: WLEX)

LESLIE COUNTY, KY (WLEX) – A mother and grandmother are facing charges after they allegedly tried to develop photos of young children smoking drugs.

According to Leslie County deputies, a photo showing a 1-year-old holding marijuana bud in his hand is not photo shopped – and neither are the ones of his 5-year-old brother holding the same thing. Other pictures show the two children with what appear to be joints in their mouths with an adult attempting to light them.

Deputies said the photos were discovered after their grandmother has the photos developed at a local Rite Aid, where employees notified authorities.

The children's grandmother, Beth Hensley, is now charged with trafficking, possession and cultivating marijuana, along with her daughter, Tracey Hensley, who is also the children's mother.

Beth Hensley admitted the children posed with the pot, but said what looks like a joint is really Prince Albert tobacco. When asked why she took the photos in the first place she said, "It was just some to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was."

Five children, ranging in age from 5 to 7 years of age, were removed from the home by social services.

They are now in the care of a relative.

Beth Hensley said she plans to do everything she can to help her daughter get her children back.

Tracey Hensley is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and unlawful transaction with a minor.

Authorities said they will mostly likely face additional charges in this case.

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