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Police: Caregiver charged In Knox County murder confessed to dispatchers

Charlene "Sue" King (Source: WLEX) Charlene "Sue" King (Source: WLEX)
Earl Carter (Source: WLEX) Earl Carter (Source: WLEX)

KNOX COUNTY, KY (WLEX) - Authorities in Knox County say a caregiver, charged Tuesday with murdering the elderly man she claimed to be caring for, admitted to the crime when she called 911.

State Police identified the woman talking to dispatchers as Charlene "Sue" King, 49, who they say shot and killed Earl Carter, 75, just after midnight Tuesday at a home on J. Goodin Branch Road in Barbourville.

Dispatcher: "What's going on up there?"
Caller: "He was bothering me and wouldn't let me leave and I shot him."

Dispatcher: "Is that his name? Is that who you shot? Earl Carter?"
Caller: "Uh huh."

Dispatcher: "Is he alive?"
Caller: "I don't know. I didn't go back out there."

Caller: "When I shot, he said, 'you killed me!' and so, I don't know."

When crews arrived on the scene, they found Carter was already dead. He had been shot several times, according to investigators.

"For her to do that, it's just mind blowing to me," Carter's stepson, Gary Craig told LEX 18. "He was a church-going man and he had a lot of friends there in Barbourville, and I just don't know of any reason why someone would want to do that to him."

Craig said Carter told him the two were involved in a romantic relationship: "That's probably one of the most shocking things of all of it is the fact that it's somebody that I would've never believed would do this."

In the 9-minute conversation with dispatchers, the caller offers up her explanation of what happened:

Dispatcher: "Why did you shoot him?"
Caller: "Because he was just trying to bother me."
Dispatcher: "He was trying to bother you?"
Caller: "Yes."
Dispatcher: "Like what was he doing to you?"
Caller: "He was trying to rape me."
Dispatcher: "He was trying to rape you?"
Caller: "He was trying to take advantage of me.

"I had never, ever seen him do anything to harm anybody," Craig said. "I hope that she receives the maximum punishment that the law will allow."

King declined LEX 18's request for an interview from the Knox County Jail.

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