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Neighbor captures standoff and fire from his window

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - What started as an attempt to serve a warrant turned into a SWAT situation, a man shooting at police, a fire and finally the discovery of a body.

The bizarre situation began in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood in the 400 block of Campbell street. Several blocks from Campbell to Muhammad Ali had to be shut down.

Wednesday night, arson investigators looked for evidence as a body was carried out of a fire damaged apartment on Campbell Street. It was an end to a long day that began with the VIPER squad trying to serve a warrant on a man, who police say opened fire on them.

For neighbor Kyle Kurasek a normal day at home turned into something out of a movie scene around noon on Wednesday.

"There's a SWAT team surrounding the building," he remembered, "And I didn't know what was going on!"

Then he said there was a boom that shook his house.

Kurasek got behind his camera with a direct view of the standoff and he watched as officers approach the apartment.

Police said the man inside was charged with violent crimes.

"There were some outstanding warrants for drug possession and some shootings this person may have been involved in," said Dwight Mitchell with Louisville Metro Police.

Kurasek recalled, "I heard three shots and then an explosion."

A fire followed that explosion.

"The fire just started coming out the windows and caught the roof on fire and I thought it was going to take the whole building down," Kurasek explained.

Other neighbors like Tamekya Duncan got a call from her sister about what was going on in their neighborhood.

"She said SWAT, the bomb squad and fire trucks were all outside the house," Duncan said, she  immediately was worried about her daughter.

"Especially when I get a call that my daughter can't even get off her bus stop," she said of her fears.  Jefferson County Public School students who live in the area were taken to Meyzeek Middle School so their parents could pick them up.

Police wouldn't name the suspect or say which shootings he might have been involved in.  The corner has not identified the body that was found.

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