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Steinhaus German Restaurant Gesspicktes Schweine Filet

Gesspicktes Schweine Filet
*8 oz .  Butterflied Pork Tenderloin
*3 Strips of Bacon
* Salt and Pepper
* ½ teaspoon of Paprika
* 1 and ½ cups of Brussels Sprouts
*1 and ½   cups of Yukon Potatoes
* ½  cup of diced Onions
1) Blanch Brussels sprouts  in Salt water for 6 minutes  and then drain it.
2) Toss the Brussels  Sprouts with cooked Bacon bits and season to your taste with salt and pepper.
Pan fry the potato slices with bacon and onions until browned.
1.  Butterfly the pork tenderloin, season with salt, pepper and paprika.
2.  Lay out the 3 slices of bacon.
3. Roll up the pork.
4. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Sear to brown for 2 minutes
6. Roast in a pre-heated oven at  350 degrees  for 10 minutes

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