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The 2012 Thanksgiving Market

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The 2012 Thanksgiving Market will be located at Grasshoppers, 1501 Portland Avenue, just north of Main Street at 15th Street in downtown Louisville.

It starts with the star of the spread: Grasshoppers' superb selection of free-range turkeys that are naturally raised on local farms, completely additive and drug-free, and are never frozen. In addition, this market will be fully stocked with the best seasonal produce, grains, dairy, cheeses, soups, dips - even pre-made desserts, essentially everything needed for a happy, healthy, all local Thanksgiving meal or gathering.

Grasshoppers, is the premier Kentuckiana distributor of farm-raised and locally harvested food. Lynn Greene announces the details of its 3rd annual Thanksgiving Market coming this November.  The market is a terrific opportunity for area residents to shop for locally grown, fresh-from-the-farm fixings to make their meal an all local, all-natural epicurean experience.

Farm-raised and locally harvested food
Thanksgiving Market
Open Monday and Tuesday, November 19 & 20, 10am-6pm
1501 Portland Ave., North of Main Street at 15th Street
Free-range Turkeys, produce, grains, dairy, cheeses, soups, dips, desserts

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