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WAVE 3 Editorial - November 15, 2012: Bi-Partisan Leadership

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Republican Governors lead 30 states. State Houses and State Senates are majority Republican. The United States House of Representatives has a 40 seat Republican majority and the United States Senate is six seats from a Republican majority.   

Clearly, the Republican Party is strong. In Kentucky, Congressman John Yarmuth is the lone Democrat national office holder. While Republicans lament losing the Presidency again, there certainly are plenty of potential candidates lining up for a run next time and all are aware of the need to appeal to the electorate of the 21st century that is more diverse than ever before in our country's history.

The appropriate stance for Republicans and Democrats right now is to take their leadership roles responsibility and work in a bi-partisan way both at the State and National level to address the fiscal sirens.

We cannot sustain a debt to Gross National Product ratio of 110 percent. It was a third of that 50 years ago.

We cannot sustain the number of programs funded by government when both the State and Federal Government don't have the money to fund them.

And we cannot continue continuous gridlock, obstructionism and partisan bickering and sniping.

Enough with the secession nonsense. Let's be real Americans. Work in a united way to put our country's progress first. 

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