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Jeffersonville mayor files suit against city council

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE)- The mayor of Jeffersonville has filed a lawsuit against his own city council.

He said the council is overstepping its authority.and it's been a struggle so far this year with the city council.

"I'm tired of the city council and the mayor making headlines because we're squabbling over things we don't need to be squabbling," said Mayor Mike Moore.

The Mayor filed a petition in the Clark Circuit court Wednesday.

"We feel the council has over stepped their bounds," he said.

Moore pointed to a myriad of topics including the city's Communications Director position.

"The city council has told me 'We don't want this person. We want this person,'" he said.

Moore said the city moved the position from the mayor's office to the Parks Authority. Moore then fired the Communications Director for personnel reasons. The position is now filled by an outside company.

"I am the executive," Moore said. "I am the one that's supposed to do the hiring, the firing."

Another issue, the mayor claims the council says it approves re-development claims including the ones using TIF dollars and has the power to stop projects.

"We feel very confident that the state does not allow them to do that," he said.

This could all soon be in the hands of the courts.

"I'm comfortable with a judge deciding who's right and who's wrong and we need to move on from here," Moore said.

Jeffersonville City Council member, Bryan Glover said "If the mayor feels that his rights as mayor have been infringed upon, he has the right to file a lawsuit. I hoped they could've remedied the problems of this year without filing a lawsuit. I don't like it, but it's the mayor's prerogative."

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