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Thanksgiving Recipes from Giovanna Trimpe

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Butter squash halved and seeded.  Sliced off a little on the bottom to help it stay upright.
add small gourds and on pretzel sticks covered with a chocolate pumpkin head or turkey inserted
throughout the inside of the squash.  Add two tall candles and you have a beautiful easy centerpiece.
Gluten free Crackers with assorted toppings.
These crackers are very popular to our Cathedral guests and Archbishop Schnurr.
You can find many types of Gluten free crackers in groceries stores, but my favorite is made by Crunch Master.
Cracker Toppings
1.  Thinly sliced soft pears with goat cheese.
2.  Munster cheese with Geneva salami
3.  Homemade chicken salad
4.  Fig preserve with a small slice of a good blue cheese
5.  Prosciutto wrapped blanched asparagus with brie and sliced green onions.
6.  Cream cheese with sliced strawberries
7.  Blue cheese with sliced black grape
8.  Dijon mustard, sliced ham and Swiss cheese
9.  Fresh mozzarella with sliced cherry tomatoes sprinkled with Balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.
10.Mortadella (Italian bologna) and freshly sliced Parmigiano Regiano cheese
11.A dab of horseradish, turkey and cranberry sauce.
Crangobble Spumante
In a tall champagne glass add a few cranberries to the bottom of the glass.  Pour half cranberry juice in the glass and the other half with Spumante wine.  On a small straw add some cranberries and top with any type of pumpkin or turkey chocolates.  Or you can also use marshmallow pumpkins peeps that
are available in just about in any store.

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