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Production starts on GE's HE washing machine; creating new jobs

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - GE Appliances is investing $60 million in new high-efficiency washing machine facility and product, creating 150 new jobs and supporting about 40 domestic suppliers.

The popularity of the high efficiency washing technology has driven more innovation and investment in top load washing machine category. 

"There is 150 people on this line that wouldn't have had a job if this product didn't come to GE," said Anitra Wiggins.

The new machine uses an impeller instead of an agitator which allows then to use less water and energy than a traditional washer. 

For many of the employees at Appliance Park, the new washing machine means job security.

"Anything coming back to Louisville coming back to appliance park means jobs means jobs for the city," said GE employee Nathan Hall.

Production on the new washer began six weeks ago and they started shipping them out last week. The jobs surrounding the new product have already been filled.

GE's Appliance Park has created nearly 1,500 production jobs this year as part of an $800 million investment.

Production also began this year on a new hybrid water heater facility, with plans to upgrade all product lines and facilities including the bottom freezer  refrigerator and front load washing machines.

Preparations are underway to open another plant to make front load washing machines and matching dryers in early 2013.

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