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Man missing for 3 years found where last seen

Police searching Riley's house Tuesday night. Police searching Riley's house Tuesday night.

AUSTIN, IN (WAVE) - Three years to the day he went missing, sheriff's deputies in Scott County, Indiana finally found the body of Paul Graupe, 50, in the place everyone suspected it may be all along.

Graupe was found behind a home on Main Street in Austin where he was last seen in 2009.

The rundown duplex is located behind Robert Riley's house. Neighbor Teresa Wade said she's known the Riley's her entire life. She was home Tuesday night when police pulled Graupe's body from the rooms Wade thought was only used for storage. "They asked me if I smelled any odors. I have been right over there behind the house talking to them.  I wouldn't suspect nothing."

The Scott County Sheriff's office said  Riley, 39, confirmed the body was  Graupe. Riley also told them he killed Graupe by stabbing him in the back. "I just hope he never sees the light of day outside for the rest of his life," said Graupe's brother Hugh Pasley after learning how Graupe died. "That there, if he does get that, he's getting off easy. I'd like to see the whole damn bunch hanging by the neck myself."

Pasley also wondered why it took three years to find his brother when police knew Riley's was the last place Graupe was seen alive. "Paul had his own kind heart to loan him some money and Paul was always, ‘I'll loan you a few dollars, but I know you'll pay me on Friday when you get paid.' He was looking for his money."

Police also knew Riley served time for manslaughter. Wade said he killed his cousin. "That is one of the hardest things," said Pasley when asked how hard it is to know his brother had been in the very spot police searched three years ago. "Besides the fact that he was murdered, but him to be laying for three years. That's hard to take. It is. Two blocks from his own house."

Austin Police were the first to investigate Graupe's disappearance. After a year of no leads, Pasley asked the Sheriff to take over. "It just came to a point where we all come together and thought it was time for some more experience to step in and luckily they did," explained Pasley

Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain said they finally got enough information Tuesday from someone they won't identify to get a search warrant for Riley's home and take him to jail on unrelated charges. They've requested four more days for their investigation into Graupe's death. "We did not want to muck this up. It is very important to do it right," said Sheriff McClain

Riley will likely be charged with murder on Tuesday.

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