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Mother abandons child in store

Fengshan Huang (Source: LMDC) Fengshan Huang (Source: LMDC)
Rick Sanders Rick Sanders

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville mother is taken to jail charged with wanton endangerment.

The charge comes as Jeffersontown police said she abandoned her young daughter at the Jeffersontown Sam's Club. Police said employees kept trying to get the mother to come around, but instead they say she kept walking saying, "Take her, I don't want her anymore."

"It's heartbreaking that you have that situation," said Rick Sanders with Jeffersontown police.

It's a story hard for any parent to hear.

Jeffersontown police said Tuesday night, they got a call from upset employees at Sam's Club on Alliant Avenue.

"They told us, there was a small child there that was being abandoned by her mother," Sanders said. Police said a 6-year-old girl was alone in a shopping aisle when they found her mother Fengshan Huang, 39.

They heard her tell the child she didn't want her anymore.

The employees and a customer couldn't believe what they heard.  Sanders told us, "The employees tried to reunite the child and her mother and the mother walked out into the parking lot and the child ran after her."

As Huang kept walking saying, "Call 911," the young girl ran after her mother and into traffic. Employees held the mother who was taken to jail.

Police went to Huang's address to see if there was another parent there, but Sanders said there wasn't, just another child. Officers had to tell the woman's 13-year-old son what happened. He was taken to he Home of the Innocents to join his sister.

Neighbors said, they never got a chance to know the family as they just moved in three months ago. They said, they never noticed anything out of the ordinary and have no idea why a mother would snap like that.

Chief Sanders said, "Here it is, Thanksgiving and were all going to sit down with our families and give thanks and we'll think about his young lady that's been arrested and her children that are at the Home of the Innocents and let's hope they get the proper care they need."

Sanders said for the officers, this one hits hard, "We deal with all sorts of trauma but, when it's a child, it's more difficult to deal with."

The Police Chief said the community is fortunate to have great professionals at the Home of the Innocents who can help the children.

The mother is due back in court November 30.

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