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Police: One man tied to 40 home burglaries in southern Indiana

Charles Hall (Source: Floyd County Jail) Charles Hall (Source: Floyd County Jail)
Joel DeMoss Joel DeMoss
The Dowells The Dowells

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – Police agencies in Floyd and Clark County are able to pin 40 break-ins on one man.

Finger prints led New Albany Police investigators to Charles Hall, a man with a lengthy criminal history. Detectives said Hall actually took investigators back to the homes he broke into and confessed to committing all 40.

Kathy Dowell said she will never forget what it felt like to come home and realize a stranger was inside her Clarksville home.

"I was just so shaken up, I couldn't even think to look for anything, so I immediately called the police," said Kathy Dowell.

While their home was ransacked, Danny Dowell first noticed his hunting riffle was missing. "First thought was, I'm never going to see it again," said Danny Dowell.

Later Kathy would realize some very special rings were gone, too. "When you have things that are missing since childhood and it's hard for me to even talk about, think about things that my mother's given me and I'll never get it back.

The Dowells are just one of the victims affected in 40 home break-ins since September in Clark and Floyd counties and police now believe one man would steal items just to sell.

"He had a $1000 a day heroin addiction between him and his girlfriend and he would just sell it to anybody he could just to make a quick dollar," said Detective Joel DeMoss, Clarksville Police.

DeMoss said Hall, 37, showed investigators all the homes he targeted. "He would just specifically go after things he could put in his pocket gold, jewelry, hand guns," said DeMoss.

DeMoss said he would look for houses that appeared well-groomed believing they would have the better jewelry. Police said he would get in through the window or kick in a door.

As investigators are able to close 40 cases, the Dowells hope it's a crime they will never have to experience again.

"We're just glad they caught him," said Danny Dowell.

Police did recover three stolen guns in Louisville and one is Danny Dowell's.

Hall is currently locked up in the Floyd County Jail.

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