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Crews demolish storm-damaged Oakland City church


Months after a random microburst damaged homes and businesses in Gibson County, one heavily damaged building is coming down.

Demolition crews started bringing down Trinity United Methodist Church in Oakland City on Monday, and it's just about leveled.

Originally there was a wooden church it's its place in the 1800s when that burnt down in 1939 they built this brick structure that will hopefully be rebuilt soon.

The minister at the church says this past summer's storms tore off the roof and caused the south wall to bow out. A construction firm condemned the building, and since this summer, the church members have been meeting at Fellowship Hall next door.

Most of the pews, stained glass windows and piano were moved there as well.

Some members were able to take a brick or even a pew with them for sentimental value.

One of the church's trustees says the decision to tear down the church was a difficult one, but one that made economic sense.

"It was a very tough decision. There's a lot of history in the church. As a matter of fact, the wife and I were married here several years ago. A lot of relatives, my mother-in-law played the organ for 40 some odd years in the church. So, a lot of emotional connections," said church trustee Bill Shoultz. "There's also the reality of all of it, so we are going down the road of rebuilding in the future."

The 45 or so members have been meeting at Fellowship Hall since the storms. They also had some damage to that building.

There is no timeline so far as to when the new church will be built.

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