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Fans, students react to Louisville going to ACC

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Nowhere is there more buzz about the conference realignment than University of Louisville's Belknap campus.

Students and staff were tweeting and updating Facebook before dawn anxious for the morning outcome. Across the nation and across campus fans were talking about the Atlantic Coast Conference expansion.

On Twitter, the hash tag "#Louisville" was one of the top trends in the nation. Fans were also using "#LouisvilletoACC" as millions learned the news through social media.

Some fans consider the conference announcement an early Christmas present. "It means finally we are out of the unstable Big East," Perry Factor said.

Others set their alarm early to find out what would happen as the ACC held an early conference call around 7:30 a.m. with its presidents and chancellors.

"It's awesome. It'll be great for basketball. I was upset at first when I found out we had to leave the Big East, but to get in there with Duke and North Carolina - it's going to be awesome," Chris Schmitt said.

Mary Thorpe felt the ACC would raise the university's profile. "I feel like it would only take us farther and upward," Thorpe said.

The ACC invitation means different competition and not all athletes are thrilled.

"It's going to be kind of sad because all of our friends that we've made and all the teams in the Big East during dual meets -we're not going to be able to see anymore. Right now we don't have too many huge power houses in the Big East for diving and some schools in the ACC are up there," Mady Ingmire said.

However, Ingmire said she's welcoming "the challenge - the more competition, the stronger we'll become."

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