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Lengthy criminal past not full story of shooting victim

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Chambers recovered Mustang. Chambers recovered Mustang.
Billy Ray Chambers (Source: LMDC 2006) Billy Ray Chambers (Source: LMDC 2006)

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The man shot and killed in his own home Tuesday had a lengthy criminal history, connections with the Louisville Outlaws motorcycle club and served time in federal prison.

Clarksville Police said they don't believe his death was random, while numerous people who knew Billy Ray Chambers said that is not the entire story. "I'm a firm believer that history is something that you look back on and learn from and you move forward and I think Billy Ray Chambers is one whose history he looked back on, he learned from," said Chambers Attorney Larry Wilder.

Wilder was ready to represent Chambers in court Thursday on a probation violation after a run-in with his girlfriend. Wilder said that charge was a misunderstanding and he fully expected Chambers girlfriend to testify to that in court.

He said Chambers, 39, was a Western Kentucky University graduate and father of two who supported his family as an iron worker and bar owner. He battled cancer and was recovering from a serious motorcycle wreck, but Wilder said he will most likely remember Chambers for his intelligence. "He'd certainly be willing to sit down and have a conversation with you over the pros and cons over whether Egypt is a dictatorship far worse that it was before make clear well educated argument for whatever side he chose."

He's not trying to diminish the charges for which Chambers had already served. "It involved drugs and it involved circumstances and situations that when you read the reports that give you an indication of a lifestyle he was involved in as a young man," along with a three year stint in federal prison for gun possession. Wilder said Chambers did his probation and put his days of running with the wrong crowd behind him. 

"Billy Ray's life had changed substantially. The trouble he had today and the trouble he had now involved personal relationship with his girlfriend who would probably as many wonderful things about him as I have said," explained Wilder.

He knows many out there who would just write a guy like Chambers off, but in reality he was a guy who paid his dues and did not deserve to be shot and killed in his home.

Clarksville Police said Wednesday they had gotten numerous tips about Chambers case. Early Wednesday morning an officer patrolling in an unidentified part of time found the white Mustang police said was stolen after the shooting. "They recovered quite a bit in that car, clothing and other things. We don't know if that clothing belonged to the victim or could be our suspect so we'll send it off for DNA," said Major Darrell Rayborn.

Rayborn also said they are going through phone records. He said because it was not a random home invasion, he doesn't think the community has any reason to be concerned about their safety. He asks anyone with information about Chambers death to call (812) 288-7151.

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