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Contractor accused of ripping off tornado victims

Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Delores Thomas Delores Thomas

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A contractor is accused of ripping off Henryville tornado victims, offering to help with improvements, but instead police say he ran off with their cash.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull has filed charges on behalf of two victims, but he says he expects even more charges to be filed later this week.

"Right now he's got about $5,333 of my money," said Delores Thomas, of Henryville. It's been more than seven months since Thomas first contacted Karl Wray.

She called him after the devastating March 2 tornado damaged her roof and barn. Thomas says her roof was repaired perfectly early on, but then Wray never returned to do the other work and she'd already paid him.

"I started trying to contact him and he wasn't answering my phone calls and refused to see me, that's when I started to get concerned," said Thomas.

It's not like she didn't do her research, this is a roofer she has hired in the past and had no problems. Not to mention he received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, even though he is not accredited.

But it turns out Thomas wasn't alone. "Our office has recently began receiving a large number of complaints about him taking money from people and then not completing the repair work or else overcharging for the repair work," said Mull.

Mull says there are two active arrest warrants out for Wray. Besides Thomas, he is also accused of overcharging a 70-year-old Henryville man $2,500 for his new roof.

"He knew I was still going through a lot of problems with losing my husband and trying to make this place a go and he knew this about me and then he did this, but then I heard he's done it to other people, a 70-year-old man," said Thomas. "Come on. I mean come on. How could you do that to other people?"

WAVE 3 tried contacting Wray, but was not able to get in touch with him. Wray currently faces several charges including home improvement and insurance fraud and theft.

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