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Changes come to power plant at the cost of your bill

The current plant. The current plant.
An artist rendering of the new system. An artist rendering of the new system.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - You can breathe easier, cleaner air is coming to Louisville and surrounding counties.

LG&E broke ground on construction at their Mill Creek Generating Station Thursday. It's the company's largest plant in Louisville located off Dixie Highway, near the Bullitt County line.

Once the $940 million upgrades of scrubbers and fabric filters are installed on the coal fired power plant, the company claims it will help keep your power bills more consistent. However, money has to come from somewhere and in this case it's your bill.

LG&E President and CEO Victor Staffieri said they are not taking as much as they originally anticipated. "Back last year we received approval to spend this kind of money from our environmental compliance programs. At the time, we projected increases in double digits. I'm pleased to say as a result of all of contracting activity we announced the rate increase we had anticipated would be reduced by about a third."

The work has to be complete by 2016 to get in line with federal regulations. LG&E said you could help make it happen. They're hiring 700 workers. Zachary Industrial will open a hiring office Monday to fill those construction jobs.

Staffieri said similar work on the company's other plants are in the works and will also be done in the next four years.

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