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December 2, 2012

Butchertown Market

Butchertown Market is a one-stop location for great holidays gifts for everyone on your list. Plus, it's a lively, fun place to shop. Two of the shops were featured, Moss Hill Bath & Body Collection and Work the Metal.

Moss Hill Bath & Body Collection

Butchertown Market

1201 Story Avenue


Moss Hill offers handmade soaps, lotions, bath and massage oils, candles and gift boxes of their products. All of Moss Hill's products are made in small batches from their very own recipes.

Work the Metal

1201 Story Ave.


Work the Metal offers home decor, clothing, accessories and more. You can shop their showroom online or stop by their store in the Butchertown market.


The 100th Anniversary of the Vitamin

Elizabeth Somer, registered dietitian and author of several books, including The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals, and Eat Your Way To Sexy, discussed the maze of the many vitamins and minerals available, and help you determine which may be best for you and why.


"Refuse to Sink"

Book Signing

Saturday, December 15th


4th Street Live! TGIFriday


Local Author, D. C Garriott discussed her new book, "Refuse to Sink".


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