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Rap star Lil' Wayne visits Jefferson Mall

Lil Wayne at Dillards Friday afternoon. Lil Wayne at Dillards Friday afternoon.
A crowd of people gathered to see the rapper. A crowd of people gathered to see the rapper.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Rapper Lil' Wayne created quite a stir when he stopped by Jefferson Mall on Friday to greet fans and promote his new clothing line.

Hundreds of fans lined up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the rap star.

"We get to see him like right there, just feet away from him, like it's closer than if you were at a concert," said Leighann Smith, fan.

Lil' Wayne did not disappoint when he stopped by Dillard's to promote his new clothing line "Trukfit" and meet and greet his fans.

"I love Lil' Wayne, my daddy loves Lil' Wayne," said Shay Brown, fan. "I love his clothing wear and I want to get to see him today."

When we asked Lil' Wayne what he thought of being in the Bluegrass, he couldn't help, but bring up basketball.

"I'm kind upset that Kentucky lost over Notre Dame," said Lil' Wayne.

Lil' Wayne was originally suppose to be here back in October, but had to cancel after he reportedly had a seizure.

"Awesome to be back, glad to be here," said Lil' Wayne. "Sorry I missed it the first time, but I'm glad to be alive and glad to be here."

300 super fans were invited to a VIP party because they bought $150 worth of the contemporary street ware. One of those VIP's, Cody Suttle traveled all the way from Lubbock, Texas.

"I've like Wayne for years and I told myself if I ever had a chance to meet him I would do it," said Suttle.

After spending $500 on Lil' Wayne's clothing line, he was one of 20 people who got to meet the Grammy award winning rapper.

"I'm going to see if he will write his autograph on my body and I'll get it tattooed tomorrow, but I don't know if he will be into that, that's kind of weird, we'll see if he goes for it," said Suttle.

When Suttle got his chance, Lil' Wayne didn't seem to mind at all, just thankful for all his fans.

"Thank every single one of them," said Lil' Wayne. "I ain't nothing without them, they know that though."

Lil' Wayne recently passed Elvis Presley as the male with the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with 109 songs.

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