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Shillito's Tearoom Famous 7 Hills Barb-B-Que

Shillito's Tearoom Famous  7 Hills Barb-B-Que
This is one of the favorite recipes from the former Shillito's department store in downtown Cincinnati . It has been circulating for years and is in my first book CINCINNATI AND SOUP:RECIPES FROM THE QUEEN CITY AND GREAT SOUP.
Note: The recipe here is the "family serving size:"
4 portions on regular buns- we had added along the extra items you will need to make this for 12 small size party buns.

1 ¼ lbs of ground beef ( 1 ½ lbs of ground beef )
¼ C diced onion            ( 1/3 C diced onion)
1/8 C diced green pepper ( ¼ C diced green pepper)
½ Tblsp dry mustard
½ Tblsp cider vinegar
¾ C ketchup                ( 1 C ketchup)
1Tblsp sugar
Salt and pepper
1. Brown ground beef over medium heat, stirring to break into small pieces,with onion and green pepper.
2. Stir in the dry mustard, vinegar, ketchup and sugar.
3. Cook over low heat for 30 min. or until liquid is reduced as desired.
4.Salt and pepper to taste.
5. Serve on cheddar buns .( or top with grated cheddar cheese on onion buns)
RECIPE FROM CINCINNATI AND SOUP: RECIPES FROM THE QUEEN CITY AND GREAT SOUP: Cheri Brinkman, published by Mac Guffin Productions, 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED- SHILLITO's Registered trademark of Federated Dept. Stores,Inc.

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