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County Clerk glad audit behind her

Bobbie Holsclaw Bobbie Holsclaw
Larry Bisig Larry Bisig

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Less than two months after the Jefferson County Clerk's office received heavy criticism from an audit of the office finances, the County Attorney has cleared Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw and her staff of any wrongdoing.

Tuesday morning, the Holsclaw's office told WAVE 3 they're glad the audit has been cleared and adding they did nothing wrong. However, there be some changes next year.

They will no longer call the end of year gift, "gifts" and will have separate account activity.

"We'll do separate money activity from the charitable trust," said Larry Bisig, speaking on behalf of the Clerk's Office. "This will ensure, basically, that issue is co-mingling of funds to make sure everything is separate, whether it's voter outreach or whether it's Crusade for Children."

"I feel like the people here at the clerk's office, the employees here, have worked very hard to have the respect of the people of Jefferson County and there has been nothing illegal that has gone on in this office," said Holsclaw.

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