Stop the rollercoaster; UofL fans want Strong saga to end

Charlie Strong
Charlie Strong

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - University of Louisville fans who want head football coach Charlie Strong to stay just wish the coach would put the rumors to rest. They've heard them all they say they're tired of them. Wednesday was a long Strong day.

From Sports Illustrated to local sources and reports out of Tennessee, Strong apparently is staying put. Fans just want Strong to make it official.

At first, fans tried to be rational.

"I can understand the SEC is pretty big," said Cards fan Alex Gill. "They continually make it to the national championship."

"I've been all over my phone the past 48 hours with what's going on and the new rumor," said Cards fan Nick Pappe.

Throw in a quick and somewhat mysterious appearance by Strong Wednesday at a team meeting and all Twitter broke out again.

One Tweet said Strong's out of here and was offered a big contract to become a Volunteer. The next Tweet reported UofL countered with more money than Tennessee, so he's staying put.

Pappe read while looking at his Twitter account, "Hopefully this one's real: he's taking our offer over Tennessee."

"I think it's a smart move on their part, and they would be very lucky to have him," added young Cardinal fan Taylor Eubanks, "but I think we'll end up with him in the end."

Eubanks kept a mature outlook about the Strong saga, saying, "I think he has really improved our program here at UofL. I love him as a coach, but he's got to do what's best for him."

Strong's lack of official word Wednesday night, which forced fans to sleep on it until Thursday morning, had many fans weighing the question again.

"I believe he should stay because he's done a wonderful job with this club," said fan Harold Deberry.

Others had a strong feeling they could finally put the matter to bed… sort of.  "I'm really stoked about it right now," Pappe said. "I'm texting my friends."

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