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Parole board lets felon return to the job that got him in trouble

Christopher Scheitlin talking to Eric Flack in July. Christopher Scheitlin talking to Eric Flack in July.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The man jailed for ignoring a judge's order not to work as a security guard has now been cleared by a parole board to return to the job. The parole order was effective December 3 releasing Christopher Scheitlin from jail a little more than two months into a two year sentence for forgery, impersonating a police officer and perjury.

That parole order also gives him the green light to return to the job that got him into trouble in the first place.

In May 2012 Scheitlin pleaded guilty  after the owner of Professional Link Security was arrested in full uniform for impersonating a police officer at a U of L football game. It was the second time Scheitlin was charged with pretending to be a police officer.

Scheitlin got two years probation and one clear condition to stay out of jail, that Scheitlin not work in law enforcement or a security guard.

Seventeen days later there he was earpiece in and dozens at his command. Christopher Scheitlin ignored the judge's order as he ran security during the soul food festival at Louisville Metro's Waterfront Park.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's office saw the video and filed a motion to revoke the convicted felon's probation.

"We were just stopping by to see the concert," Schetilin testified during the revocation hearing in September, "and a WAVE 3 camera and ran up to me, and to avoid them I decided to leave."

The judge ordered Scheitlin to serve out his two year prison sentence. But 57 days into that term, the state parole board voted to release him for good behavior.

Kristi Gray, the assistant commonwealth's attorney assigned to the case, she could only "hope that he will comply with any conditions that are mandated by probation and parole."

Those conditions do not include a ban on working as a security guard or in law enforcement meaning Scheitlin can legally do, what he was jailed for doing just two months earlier.

Gray said she had one other hope upon learning of Scheitlin's release.

"His underlying offenses are serious in nature," Gray said. "And I would expect that he will be supervised with that in mind."

The parole board placed Scheitlin's supervision level as low. Attempts to reach parole board members through the Kentucky Department of Corrections have been unsuccessful.

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